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Digitally fabricated structures to change the way you build

Digital Building Components is changing the way the industry builds, providing the efficiency, cost-control and quality of prefabrication through custom solutions that work in your building.


Products: Custom structural, exterior and interior wall systems manufactured with advanced technologies

From design to fabrication to installation, our lean manufacturing and construction process results in a smarter, faster and more cost-effective project that is right the first time. Our products are not cookie-cutter. We build off the design model itself, not standard grids.

Proven Results

Proven Results: Digital fabrication ensures 
predictable outcomes

We use a digital process that reduces the waste of rethinking and measuring, all performed in an efficient factory-controlled environment. The result: A lean construction operation that results in almost zero material waste and lower labor costs in the field.

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  • 15-20% lower cost than traditional methods
  • 25% faster installation schedule
  • 20% lower site costs to general contractors

Process: Transforming virtual models into precise-to-spec building components

Digital Building Components doesn’t change the design, we optimize it for the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) process.

01 Digital Designs

We engage your team early in the design process and work closely to develop the best options for constructability, value, efficiency and quality for your specific project.

02 Digital Fabrication

We fabricate directly from the model using proprietary software, automated equipment and lean production methods.

03 Planning & Installation

Our project management team is fully involved throughout the project to support our clients, from the beginning of planning through final installation.

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